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When you keep hitting road blocks and nothing else works,
remove the imbalances!


With F.Y.T. Health & Wellness you will empower yourself, by leveraging the 8 pillars of wellness and working together to release imbalances that are causing blocks, symptoms, diseases, illness and more. We will focus on holistic "Whole" wellbeing on your total health from a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual lens. To support these pillars, I offer Body Code, Emotion code, Healy Sessions and Reiki therapy to help you work past barriers that are in your way from reaching your full potential. 

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An Older Woman Bathing in. the Sea

Body Code

Woman with Freckles
Reiki Treatment

Emotion Code


Individualized Microcurrent Frequency

Reiki Practitioner

Trapped Emotion Release

Release imbalances

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  • Programs to harmonize your Individual Bioenergetic Field for all areas of life.

  • Healy is designed to harmonize the Bioenergetic Field of your mind, body and emotions.

  • It has multiple programs to bring balance and harmonize your bodies homeostasis

  • Rebalance the body

  • Working with the subconscious and muscle testing to release imbalances

  • Release trauma, disconnections, imbalances and more.....

  • Available for pets as well

  • In person or distance

  • Release emotional baggage

  • Emtional baggage can create energy barriers 

  • Resulting in physical and mental symptoms

  • Available for pets as well

  • In person or distance

  • Reiki healing and stress reduction

  • Leverage reiki to work through energy barriers

  • Aid in faster healing

  • Available for pets as well

  • In person or distance


Holistic coaching

Dry Woods
  • Learn how the 8 pillars can support your whole well being

  • Create self-sustaining practices that create balance in your daily life

  • Find your inner strengths to build on 

  • Learn to incorporate integrative wellness practices to your everyday routines

  • So much more

Mission Statement

  • To educate on the "What" & "Why" of Holistic wellness

  • To help others create their own self-sustaining wellness

  • Support whole health & wellbeing 

  • Serve as a coach, connector, advocate and navigator

  • Help "You" establish your authentic tribe 

  • Help you to release the things in your way

  • Help you release imbalances

Leaf Pattern Design


Leveraging Emotion Code & Body Code to remove imbalances and create the change you are seeking. 

Helping people engage in your overall health & wellness. We do this together, by approaching your life from the big picture and determining how your pillars of wellness are connected to give you the foundation you need for living your best life.



Our physical body externally and internally

When looking at your physical make up, are there physical aspects you're trying to resolve and getting nowhere?


Mental Health

All aspects of mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Influencing our cognition, perception and behavior


Relating to our emotions and management of them

What are your emotional responses to situations? Do you have the necessary tools and bandwidth to handle what life gives us?


Relating to the human spirit or soul, can be religious, but serves a guidance to life.

A broad concept with many perspectives. Do you have a guidance in your life with something larger than you?


Fuel for your brain/gut and body

The act or process of nourishing or being nourished. Less about counting carbs, dieting etc. Feed the body to run efficiently


Internal and external conditions affecting our health and wellbeing

This can be the environment we live in, exposed to toxins, chemicals, pesticides, mold, etc. or it can be externally outside the home where environmental hazards are impacting your health and wellbeing. Living more sustainably


Budgets, mental health impacting your spending, working towards minimalist

The Financial pillar can be very challenging for many. The financial receipts and spending that takes place in a household


The relationship of two parties paying for services or products

Soft Skills-Executive function, receive feedback and grow, time management, relationship building, organizational skills, resiliency, always learning, be agile, collaborate (vs. silos), communication, empathy, creativity, problem solving, 

Reiki Treatment

Try REIKI-Start your year off with strong, bright energy.
Release stress and focus on your healing!


Check out the new office

In addition to online booking, 

Sessions @ my office location

8100 Penn Ave. So., Suite #155

Bloomington, MN 55431

M- 9:30-2pm

Wed- 9:30-2pm


Or by special request.

Zoom calls for distance appointments 

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Health is a state of body, mind and soul. Wellness is a state of being.

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