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Building Your Tribe

@ Find your Tribe- F.Y.T. Health & Wellness is all about managing your holistic health by leveraging your tribe so you can create a full holistic foundation for your overall well-being. This includes a broad team to help you with your overall Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Nutritional, Environmental, Financial & Employment. Just as they say, it takes a village to raise a child, so does it take a village to keep you overall well-being strong. These recommendations are some of my tribe and give you a feel for what a tribe might look like to help you and your family work through all the things. Working with F.Y.T. Holistic Health & Wellness leverages my coaching and guidance to help map out your Tribe and build your tool box with all the different modalities to create your best life. You can also leverage these particular professionals as well, they are taking in new clients locally in Minneapolis, MN. If you're not in MPLS, use them as examples to find similar offerings in your area. Or set up a coaching session with me to help identify the locals in your area that fit your tribe.  

Mission Farms CBD-Discount link 

Mission Farms CBD offers Organic, Full spectrum, cold pressed CBD options. 

CBD is an amazing resource that our bodily naturally needs to balance its Cannabinoid systems 1 & 2.

Interested in your own Healy?

Check out the Healy for your own at home health tool. Leverage IMF (Individualized Microcurrent Frequency) healing vibrations to rebuild the vibrations your body needs to be at for optimal health. Check out more here. Your body has 70 trillion cells. Each and every cell is a building block to your bodies makeup. Every cell contains your specific blueprint, embedded with your DNA

Every cells job is to follow the blue print. The trouble comes when external inputs, environmental inputs and more impede on its process and affects its makeup. This causes disruptions and creates imbalances. Leverage the Healy to assist the cells to recoup to their original healthy state through their appropriate vibrations.  

Leaf Pattern Design

Adapting a Health & Wellness journey

I've been culminating a health & wellness protocol for over 30 years. Below are some of the tools I use to create the essentials needed to keep myself and my family healthy and in the game. 

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Vetted& Approved


Body Ready Method

Live Pure

Beauty Counter


Essential Oils


Brain Training

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Pre/Post Natal pelvic floor work

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Chiro & Deep Fascia PT

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Supplements & Protein

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CST, reflexology & Reiki

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Clean Health & Beauty

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Integrated Sports Chiro & Rehab

Bloom into Balance

Opulent Natural Health

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